Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pillows for Beach Decor

These are great pillows if you're looking for throw pillows to use with beach decor. The colors are subdued and many of them will mix and match. If your decor is nautical or coastal, these pillows will fit right in. Bring the beach into your home and make it look like a beach house.

Unusual fish, seashells, cuttlefish, coral, crabs, seahorses, and anchors are all featured here.  Some are done in a vintage look. Throw pillows are great for adding a spark of color and some interest to a room. Toss them on the sofa or the bed for an accent to the room's decor.   Click through any of the images to see all of the nautical themed pillows in my store.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Red Kitchen Accessories

I'm wishing for some red kitchen accessories in my kitchen. The kitchen is mostly white except for a little red in the curtains so red kitchen accessories go well in my kitchen. As I need to replace things I buy them in red. I have a red coffee grinder, red measuring cups and spoons, and a beautiful set of red mixing bowls, including a batter bowl.

The red kitchen accessory I want most of all is the red KitchenAid mixer.  I think I'll have to ask Santa for that one.

My food processor will need replacing soon so I'll be looking for a red one to replace it. The food processor gets a lot of use in my kitchen so I wouldn't want to be without one. It makes short work if you have a lot of veggies to chop. Yesterday I used it to chop green pepper and onion for a big batch of chili. Our twenty-something son and friend are coming to visit and chili is a favorite. We don't like big chunks of vegetables in soups and sauces so out comes the food processor!
I don't do a lot of baking any more because we just don't need to be eating it, but on occasion though, a good mixer is needed. I don't yet have a KitchenAid but friends that have them tell me they really like them. This will be my choice when I buy a mixer. They come in a regular home version and a professional version if you need a little more power and volume. There are also some hand held versions if you don't need a stand mixer.
Red kitchen accessories are my favorite! How about you?

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Green is for Shamrock Ornaments

Shamrock ornaments are a touch of Ireland.  We have Waterford Crystal shamrocks here and ornaments from the village of Belleek, Ireland. There are Irish shamrock Christmas ornaments from Kurt Adler and Christopher Radko.

Shamrock ornaments are wonderful for those who want to recognize their Irish heritage and although they would look lovely on a Christmas tree, they certainly are not restricted to that!  Display them on an ornament stand or a little tree all their own.

A display of shamrock ornaments would be a unique item of decor for St. Patrick's Day.   Whether or not you're Irish, St. Patrick's Day is a day to bring out your inner Irish! To see the Irish angel ornament shown here just click on the image.

The beautiful Belleek ornaments come from the village of Belleek in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The Belleek company is one of the longest running enterprises in Ireland having been in business since 1857. Made of fine China and adorned with little, green, hand-painted shamrocks, these ornaments are very charming and will add a touch of authentic Ireland to your decor.  A lovely gift for your favorite Irish person.
If you need an ornament stand to display your shamrock ornaments, consider one of these. There are different options depending on how many ornaments you want to display.

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Colorful Wordless Wednesday, iPod Touch Cases in RED!

Red and White Gingham Pattern casemate_caseKimono casemate_casered polka dots Barely there case ipod touch casemate_case Trendy Patterns and Ladybugs iPod touch case zazzle_speckcaseRed Zebra Stripe Print iPod Touch Custom Case zazzle_speckcaseElegant gothic red roses all occasion zazzle_speckcase  Gold Scroll Heart Red Stained Glass Ipod Case zazzle_speckcaseiPod Touch Speck Case: Flaming Red Yellow Fractal zazzle_speckcase Silver Scroll Heart Red Stained Glass Ipod Case zazzle_speckcaseGold Red and Burgundy Swirl iTouch Case zazzle_speckcaseRed and Gold Hearts and Swirls iPod Touch Case zazzle_speckcase Metals of Red zazzle_speckcaseRed Fractal iPod Speck Case zazzle_speckcaseHeart-y Speck Case zazzle_speckcase Fiery Depths Red and Orange Fractal iPod Skin zazzle_speckcase